Retro Barber Shop

There are many quiet roads in Shanghai, but there are not many people who can make people nostalgic. Julu Road is one of them. This is the French Concession almost a century ago. The towering Indus lined the small foreign houses on both sides of the street quietly. The cafés along the street and the small bars intertwined with it are dotted with some romantic feelings. Haircuts in this atmosphere The store must also have a unique and original design. A classic line in Casablanca says this, "There are so many towns in the world and so many pubs in towns, but she only walked into me." We hope that this barber shop is in our first place. Under the interpretation of the design, it can also bring everyone the same beautiful and heartfelt feeling, so that the experiencers can have a perfect visual experience in addition to the enjoyment of styling and hair.
The simple and pure form, the orderly rhythm of function, is just like the hairdresser's finest trimming, and conveys huge energy between square inches. In Jing'an District, where the earth is thick, the space of the store is limited, and the meaning of the designer is to create unlimited possibilities: we need to use the most rational angle to build the most reasonable regional division.
If the reception area is loose and stylish, the work area is capable and peaceful. Varying shapes of static stage and tough texture props radiate affinity and agility in the denseness. The mild lighting, comfortable seats and the stand-alone mirror stand make a great area. The full use of green plants and the unique texture of glass bricks have created a unique visual experience for the entire space.
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The decoration of the barber shop reflects its own taste. In the traditional concept, barbershops are always tied with the noisy BGM and card sales, which makes people distressed. And this barber shop's simple design creates a "home" comfort for the shop, and also intimately creates a nature-like paradise for the shop pet "Mocha".理发店的装饰体现的,也正是其本身的品位。在传统观念里,理发店总跟喧闹的BGM和办卡推销捆绑在一起,让人苦恼不堪。而这家理发店,其简洁的设计为店铺营造了“家”的舒适感,也贴心的为店宠“摩卡”营造了一个大自然般的乐园。