The founder Fang Mingrui received a variety of art forms from a young age, graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, and then studied interior design in Italy. As the chief creative interior designer of the firm, he has 12 years of design experience. His design has both cultural acumen and global advantages. Over the years, he has accumulated a variety of rich forms including commercial, high-end private residences, clubs and offices. Space design management and site management experience, has rich experience in cooperation with international design teams and well-known real estate developers.

创始人方明锐从小接受过多种艺术形式的学习,毕业于鲁迅美术学院,后于意大利进修室内设计专业。作为事务所的主创室内设计师,他拥有12年的设计经验,他的设计既有文化的敏锐度又具有全球优势, 这些年来累积了包括商业、高端私人住宅、会所、办公等各类丰富形式空间的设计管理及现场管理经验,有着丰富与国际设计团队及著名地产商合作经验。