Huang Jiankun黄建坤

Huang Jiankun graduated from Xiamen University, art curator, young artist, winner of the 12th National Art Exhibition Lacquer Painting Bronze Prize, and practitioner of cross-border artistic creativity. In Asia, he has participated in the design of luxury hotel artworks, urban landscape sculptures, art exhibition halls and space renovation , and its renovated artistic living space “Wenshanji”won the Best Case Award of Cross-border Cultural Space in the Yangtze River Delta Public Cultural Space Innovation Competition.

黄建坤毕业于厦门大学,艺术策展人、青年艺术家,十二届全国美展漆画铜奖获得者, 跨界艺术创意生活化的实践者。在亚洲地区多次参与星级酒店艺术品、城市景观雕塑、艺术展厅、空间改造等设计,其设计改造的艺术生活空间“闻山集”荣获长三角公共文化空间创新大赛“跨界文化空间最佳案例奖”。

Gao Jun 高骏

An interior designer with rich interior design experience. Many customers believe that Gao Jun is an artistic youth who is extremely good at using colors and is also a friend of female customers. But he said that the designer is actually a very pragmatic role. He is different from the artist. The artist can go wild. The designer must first solve practical problems, and then inject artistry on this basis to make it different.


Meng Xiangyi孟祥一

Meng Xiangyi graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in environmental art. Interior designer, winner of the 13th National Art Exhibition. He has participated in many large-scale commercial and government projects such as "Dayun Mountain Jiangduwang Museum" and "Xiamen Gulangyu Red Carpet Wax Museum". Good at structured overall space design.


Cui Chen 崔宸

An interior designer, graduated from the Department of Interior Design of Suzhou University. He is good at soft furnishing design. He has a keen insight into customers' love and has a delicate and beautiful side of female designers. She has served many interior furnishing designs for well-known furniture, hotels, clubs, and commercial real estate. Dare to make breakthroughs and innovations. The designed works are different from each other and each is wonderful. The design methods are magnificent and refined, while paying attention to the details.


Jiang Yue江月

Jiang Yue, new media operation and wild illustrator. Professional in landscape design. She once served the architectural self-media "Yizhu Yishi", Qingshan Zhouping designed the architectural bookstore "Chaji Books", and is good at design, lifestyle and other cultural communication brand new media operation and promotion.