Miss Ben's Beauty Salon

The beauty industry is a very feminine industry. The main customer group of this beauty salon is also mainly female. Therefore, the design of the space uses the pink color system, hoping to break the traditional perception of the monotonous white space of the beauty store, pink The space is matched with the arched shape, which shortens the distance between people and space, creating a unique sense of security and belonging. For this space, guests will spend a long time in the room receiving tattoos and skin care, so in the overall design, a relaxed state created by design elements such as material color will be considered. Then women's beauty is a more fashionable topic, so considering the future trend in the choice of color, it is a coincidence that it is the popular color in recent years.
One of the special attentions is the light, which uses indirect lighting, and the light is softer. In addition, try not to have a height difference on the ground, because many instruments and equipment need to be moved around, the nurses are mostly girls, and the height difference will cause inconvenience to their actual handling of the equipment. In addition, the design should focus on the place where women look in the space, so the design and planning of the entire streamline is particularly important. Women's pursuit of beauty may be large or detailed, just like women choose a pair of high heels. Therefore, for women's aesthetics, there is no way to design a standard. The most important thing is to experience it carefully, and try to be as warm and meticulous as possible in space design, while also giving them some imagination.
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We hope to use arcs to create a sense of rhythm and a bit of mystery. This is what beautiful women bring to people. Because the original space is very closed, natural light is limited. The cave we want to create requires a large space to express, so later we added some brass and glass to create reflection and refraction, so that the continuity of the cave is more layered.我们希望用弧线营造了一种音乐的韵律感,也有一点点神秘色彩,这正是美丽女性带给人们的感觉。因为原来的空间都很闭塞,自然光也有限。而我们想要创造的洞穴又需要大空间来表现,所以后来加入了一些黄铜、玻璃来制造反射和折射,让洞穴的连续性更有层次感。
We have seen many similar online celebrity shops and beauty salons that have used arch elements. In the past few years, arches have been used everywhere. We thought how to make arches more interesting. Everyone used them. Can tell this is ours.我们见过许多同类型的网红店、美容院采用过拱形元素,这几年拱形被到处用,我们就想怎么能把拱形用得更有趣,大家都用,但一看这个还是能分辨出这个是我们的。
The beauty salon is a place to relax and not be too nervous. In addition, the beauty salon reflects the pursuit of beauty by customers, especially women, so the space can be more realistic and leave some imagination.美容院是一个让人放松的地方,不能做的太紧张。另外美容院体现着客户尤其是女性对美的追求,所以空间可以超现实一点,留一些想象的空间。