The project is a commercial exhibition space of nearly 300 square meters of two-story "veneer materials" of Jiushun Wood. "JOY SUN WOOD" is our interpretation of this project. As a veneer material-based display space, at the beginning of the design, we considered how to draw inspiration from nature and integrate the material "wood" into the whole Design and space.该项目是久顺木业的一个近300㎡两层“木皮材料”商业展示空间。“JOY SUN WOOD”是我们对这个项目的诠释,作为一个木皮材料为主的展示空间,设计之初我们便考虑的是,如何将“木材”这种材质从大自然中提取灵感,融入到整个设计、空间之中。
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The entire space is divided into two floors. The first floor is mainly a boutique display area, veneer display area, meeting area, and negotiation area, and the second floor is mainly an office and meeting area. 整个空间分为两层,一楼主要是精品展示区、木皮展示区、会议区、洽谈区,二楼主要是办公、会客区。
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The office area on the second floor especially uses the top ten furniture brands in Sweden—USM furniture. The biggest feature of this brand's furniture is: heavy. And the texture is strong, especially suitable for office space use. 二楼的办公区域特别采用了瑞典十大家居品牌—USM家具,这个品牌的家具最大的特点就是:重。且质感强,特别适合办公空间使用。
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The surrounding form of the ring sofa in the reception area is different from the formal sense of the meeting room. The surrounding sofa feels closer to the sense of family and makes talking about things easier and more enjoyable.会客区环形沙发围绕的形式区别于会议室的正式感,环绕式沙发为何的感觉更贴近家庭感,也让谈论事情变得更轻松、愉悦。
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