Beauty Centre

This is our beauty salon project in Huai'an, Jiangsu. Because it is mainly female customers, more feminine beauty, curves, and even sweet parts are incorporated into the salt system. The visual center of the entrance front desk adopts primitive stone with warm color and texture-"travertine" plus curved decorative metal lamps, hoping to convey the minimalist feeling to the public from the beginning. A beauty salon is a beauty service place that provides people with beauty care, skin care, spa treatments, etc., so what is more needed is a sense of relaxation. In the matter of beauty, women have absolute aesthetics.这是一个我们在江苏淮安的美容院项目,因为以女性客户为主,在盐系极简中融入了更多女性的柔美、曲线,甚至还有甜美的部分。入口前台的视觉中心,采用了色泽温暖有质感的古朴石材——“洞石”加上曲线装饰金属灯,希望把极简的感觉一开始就传达给大众。美容院是为人们提供美容护理、皮肤保健、水疗等内容的美容服务场所,所以更需要的是一个放松的感觉,在美这件事上,女性有着绝对的审美力。
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The curved acrylic arches heighten the entire vision, and the glass in the living room can give the guests a sense of concealment. If you don’t mind talking about the content, you can switch to a brighter sofa area. The use of reeds makes the entire space more "Milk in milk."弧形的亚克力拱门让整个视觉拉高,而会客厅的玻璃则能给给洽谈的客人们一些隐蔽感,如果不介意谈论内容,可以换到更敞亮的沙发区域,芦苇的运用让整个空间更“奶里奶气”。
The material of the cement floor paint makes the entire space closer to the feeling of nature, and the spaciousness of the entire first floor is especially suitable for young ladies to take pictures.水泥地坪漆的材质让整个空间更接近大自然的感觉,整个一楼的空旷感特别适合小姐姐们打卡拍照。
The VIP area on the second floor is more personal. In addition to the normal massage bed, it also realizes the integration of bathing and makeup, allowing women to experience a more perfect and high-quality service, and women should pursue exquisite, elegant and comfortable.二楼的VIP区域更加私人化,除了有正常的按摩床,更实现了沐浴、化妆一体化,让女性体验到更完美优质的服务,女性就应该追寻精致的、优雅的、舒服的。