Simple Japanese Style House

This apartment is located on the top floor of a residential building and therefore has good daylighting. The designer uses the living room as the center of space activities and carries out a wrap-around floor plan layout. Starting from the living room, the building surface is retracted layer by layer, giving more activity space within the building scope, forming the concentricity of the interior of the house.
The designer captures the two essences of modern Japanese-style houses: first, the main color of the living room is matched with white and wood colors, emphasizing a sense of tranquility that respects nature and returns to life. second. The furniture is mainly small and exquisite thin lines, which are clear and layered. The other side of the living room is connected with the kitchen and bathroom, mainly for repairing ash. This kind of ash was proposed by the Japanese tea ceremony founder Qian Lixiu, and the four colors of red, blue, yellow, and white are mixed to express a rustic idea in aesthetics. This is also the diversity of the Japanese culture's integration of contradictory things. The space at the bottom of the staircase should also be fully utilized, because the lifting space was limited, so the design of the tatami was replaced by solid wood flooring to define a casual tea art area.
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