North European Style House

The famous architect Qingshan Zhou Ping once said, "The living room now means more than just a few square meters in four walls, but a cafe you love in the city. That's why I would rather play in the fireworks pit in the city center. I like Just fine. "
Of course, the living room cannot be separated from decorations. In addition to the carefully selected clocks and pillows, there is of course the famous Eames House Bird. This black bird was used in the exhibition of various furniture works by Eames, the most influential designers of the 20th century.
当然,客厅离不开装饰品。除了精挑细选的时钟跟抱枕,当然还有那只著名的Eames House Bird。这只黑鸟曾被20世纪最有影响力的设计师Eames夫妇应用于各种他们家具作品的展览陈列中。
The open kitchen solves the sharing of the active area to the greatest extent, and the western cooking style has almost no worry about oil fume. The home should be full of life, and the kitchenette of only a few square meters is currently the owner's favorite place to stay.
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One third of a person's life is spent in bed, and the comfortable bedroom is the soul of the home. The Nordic style is very restrained in the use of furniture, minimizes the amount of furniture in the house, uses white and wood colors as the main color, and chooses soft and soft home textiles to give people an extremely relaxing experience.人的一生,有三分之一的时间是在床上度过的,舒适的卧室是家的灵魂。北欧风对家具的使用非常克制,最大限度减少屋内家具的数量,大量运用白色和原木色作为主体色,挑选亲和柔软的家纺,都是为了给人以极度放松的体验。