Sweet Girl's Home

Our owner is a young woman with an advanced education and an aesthetic foundation, with the characteristics and lifestyle of modern urban youth. This is a rational apartment, well-organized and introspective, similar to the young people we have encountered in our work in Europe, and this is also a portrait of the new generation of young people after the society has entered modernization.
As the marketing director of the beauty industry, she has no special requirements for elements and brightness, but she has strict requirements on color and texture. Mainly lies in the characteristics of layout with less wins, especially the Nordic style in furniture accessories, must meet the characteristics of strong practicality, reduce the fancy feeling as much as possible, the most important thing is freedom, ease and comfort. Satisfy the heart of a girl, and don't be as sweet as the powder on the market. The wavy lines of the wainscoting plate and the smooth terrazzo are embellished with the black metal furniture, reflecting the clear sky and the girl's heart.
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The volume conversion of media such as lines, stone, metal, etc., is transformed into a vivid rhythm indoors. Through a wall of pink color, the space layer is paved, and brass line lamps pour out sparkling golden waves like a curtain, creating a dining environment. To create a romantic atmosphere, the wall lamp design at both ends is the most fashionable trend at the moment, and the curve color block and the porch can also echo. 线条、石材及金属等等的媒材量体转换,在室内转化为生动韵律,透过一墙粉色色彩障铺陈空间层次,黄铜线条灯具倾泻出纱帘般的粼粼金波,给就餐环境营造出浪漫氛围,两端的壁灯设计是当下最时尚的潮流趋势,配合曲线色块与玄关也能遥相呼应。