This office is located on Fuxing Middle Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai. It is a 4-storey old house with a space of 220 square meters. The first floor contains the exhibition hall, the second, third and fourth floor space office areas, meeting rooms, and material rooms.这栋办公室位于上海徐汇区复兴中路,是一栋4层老洋房220㎡空间,一层为展厅、二、三、四层空间办公区、会议室、材料室。
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As the form of exhibition hall + office space, it is still the most fashionable minimalist style. The apple body material used for the door is anodized aluminum. The first floor is mainly the products we used in the project, B&B sofa, and imported Italian marble. and many more……作为展厅+办公空间的形式,依旧是最时尚的极简风格,门头用的苹果机身材料——阳极氧化铝,一层主要是我们在项目中用到的产品,B&B沙发、意大利进口大理石等等……

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The new office is located along the Avenue of Plano Indus, and it is also close to Blackstone Apartments, Moon Coffee and other Internet celebrity check-in locations, so many friends pass by our first floor exhibition hall to check-in.新办公地在法国梧桐大道沿街,又紧邻黑石公寓、月球咖啡等网红打卡地,所以陆陆续续有很多朋友路过我们一楼展厅打卡。
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