Nature House

This is a young couple who experienced their first joint renovation of a new house in their lives. In their opinion, the ideal place of residence should be like their love, always keeping the simplest and original heart: the original, nature, return to the original. Therefore, we chose the Japanese-style minimalist decoration style that is most suitable for them, not too dignified, suitable for young people, and a sense of leisure.
In the communication and discussion with the owner, we are very careful about every detail and try to create more practical functions and space comfort from the micro space. For example, we chose the rough texture of nature to contrast it with soft and delicate fabrics and warm light fixtures. The contrast of scattered green vegetation. This is a combination of static and dynamic, but also a collision of calm and conflict. In our opinion, home decoration is not only a manifestation of skill, but also an understanding and sublimation of aesthetics.
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In the design of the living room, the white wooden bag door is used as the boundary of the space, and the outdoor scenery is framed into a beautiful landscape painting. The small details enhance the ingenuity: outside the door is a hanging chair swaying by the wind, inside It is simple and happy life.在客厅的设计中,白色木作包门作为空间的分界,将户外的景致框成了一幅绮丽的风景画,藉由小细节提升巧思:门外是随风摇曳的吊椅,门内是简约快乐的生活。