Amusing House

What is home? In addition to being a haven, it is also a place of great tolerance and extending all kinds of joy. In my understanding, what young people are playing is what young people's homes are playing. In addition to satisfying the basic "living" function, modern residences can play a richer role, just like games, which can produce different interesting changes in form, function, and senses.
In the eyes of young people, home can be an amusement park or an art museum. In our works, the color matching of the entire living room is bright and strong. We have said that we hope that contemporary houses have something with a sense of temperature. These emotions can be calm and restrained, and they can also be joyful. Grotesque, young, happy. Weird geometric wainscoting panels, abstract arched wallpapers, houndstooth patterned sofas, and colorful furniture, rich and not trivial, the home has become emotional and strange.
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The more the age of material enrichment, the more the simple beauty and the simple refinement in people's hearts, the young people of today are more and more fond of things with retro labels. In our opinion, this is not a design made to meet the current fashion trend. On the contrary, it has a time-honored gene that can stand the test of time and become better because of the passing of time.越是物质丰富的时代,人的心里反而越向往简单的美和朴素的精致,当今的年轻人也越来越喜欢打上复古标签的事物。在我们看来,这并不是为了迎合当下的时尚潮流而做出的设计,相反它有着历久弥新的基因,经得起岁月考验,会因为时光流逝变得更加美好。